Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I despise sweatpants.

I know, I know. They're so 'comfortable' and 'warm'...well, they make you look like a slob. I don't care if you wear them to the gym, while you're exercising, if you're in your own home and I can't see you.....but sweatpants are not a fashion statement, they are just you being lazy.

I don't even know why they piss me off so much....I have one pair that I wear to bed sometimes. That's it. Maybe the problem is that I'm the type of person who doesn't like to sit around in pajamas either...I kinda need to change into clothes as soon as possible after getting up. I need to feel as if I'm dressed...this seems very OCD now that I'm writing about it....uh....

What's the most horrifying though is this scenario: You (me. obviously me.) are standing in line at the grocery store....and you suddenly realized that the teenage daughter and her mother standing in front of you....are wearing matching victoria's secret "pink" sweatsuits. with uugs of course. with rindstone emblazenings across the ass-region for added effect. KILL. ME. (they looked the same!!! the same!!! except that the mother was like in her forties and not as fit and it's disTURBing!!!)

What bothers me the most is this: my parents (my dad) give me no amount of crap about the way I dress....yeeeeeeahhhh....have you taken a look at my peers lately? yeah, I hadn't thought so...

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