Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I haven't gotten anything done today (I got out of bed at like...2:30. This is likely the reason behind my current situation of nothingness...). Maybe the problem is this: I have finals and therefore I don't have class to go to and break is coming up.

Hey, I'm all for winter break in theory, but in reality it becomes a black hole of despair and boredom, wherein nothing I wanted to do gets done and during which I prove to be nothing but a disappointment to my family (mainly cause they're just jealous that I sit around the house all day...which is something no one should ever be jealous of. Sitting around is not fun. You think it's going to be...but then you have to actually do it...and it's HORRIBLE!!!).

For me, it would be perfect and awesome if it could be like this:
  • Classes end and there're 2 weeks of finals...
  • Followed by like a week or 2 of break...
  • And then the 2nd semester starts.

But no, winter break is 5 weeks long. I guess it's just long enough for those of us who actually kinda enjoy learning and stuff to get to the point where we're about to loose our minds from boredom. Or maybe it seems like too long to me cause with finals I just end up sitting around for 2 weeks waiting for my exams to come around and it becomes more like 7 weeks off. (which is mind-killing)

Or maybe I'm just too lazy and if I actually got my act together, the time would fly by. Yeah, right.

So I guess it's not surprising to me that this is the time of year that the world's supposed to end. Ahahaha...yeah...oh god it's so cold outside.

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Ziona said...

Dude that look they give you, when you're just sitting around, and you feel like dirt? So you scurry off to do something else....or hide. Yeah...I know that look. I can't even escape because I don't have my own room.