Friday, December 5, 2008

When the world ends....I hope there'll be pie....

Yup. The title kinda sums this up. Okay, no, there's not really much to sum up...uh....what?

Right, so, when the end comes, will you be ready? I know I won't be. There's a lot of stuff I'll be pissed about not being able to do before the apocalypse comes, like...get married. I probably won't be married by 2012. If I am...holy shit that'd be crazy. (Do I even WANT to get married?...uh, maybe i should pick a different example....)

Fine, how about this: I won't reach old age. That'd suck. I wanna be some crazy old lady who owns a yarn store and teaches people how to knit and crochet and lends comic books to the kids in her neighborhood...cause, I don't think one of those exists yet and I WANT TO BE THE FIRST!! AHA! And I want to be able to have my children and their children over to my house and be like....weird and my husband will be used to it and everything will be nice (and rainbows, and butterflies....ahahah). This is one of the weirdest fantasies I think I've had to date, and I have some pretty weird daydreams....uh....

check this out:

Looks kinda dumb....I freakin' LOVE that thing at the very end with the "GOOGLE IT!!!" (well, that's basically what they tell you to do.) Oh, but when I was looking for this on youtube, I also stumbled upon this, which looks like an ENTIRELY different movie:

AHAHAH! WHAT?! The SHINING ONES!!! THEY WILL RETURN TO US!!!! I simply don't understand. "Coming (too) soon"??? You got that right. (Seriously, I know you don't want to watch a clip/trailer/anything-video-like that you find on a blog...that second vid is priceless.)

But there's one thing I know. If those aliens don't like pie, jeebus, leave me on Earth to die.
Oh, and yeah, that first trailer made it official, I have a serious problem when it comes to Buddhist monks... they're just too cute!!

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