Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I despise sweatpants.

I know, I know. They're so 'comfortable' and 'warm'...well, they make you look like a slob. I don't care if you wear them to the gym, while you're exercising, if you're in your own home and I can't see you.....but sweatpants are not a fashion statement, they are just you being lazy.

I don't even know why they piss me off so much....I have one pair that I wear to bed sometimes. That's it. Maybe the problem is that I'm the type of person who doesn't like to sit around in pajamas either...I kinda need to change into clothes as soon as possible after getting up. I need to feel as if I'm dressed...this seems very OCD now that I'm writing about it....uh....

What's the most horrifying though is this scenario: You (me. obviously me.) are standing in line at the grocery store....and you suddenly realized that the teenage daughter and her mother standing in front of you....are wearing matching victoria's secret "pink" sweatsuits. with uugs of course. with rindstone emblazenings across the ass-region for added effect. KILL. ME. (they looked the same!!! the same!!! except that the mother was like in her forties and not as fit and it's disTURBing!!!)

What bothers me the most is this: my parents (my dad) give me no amount of crap about the way I dress....yeeeeeeahhhh....have you taken a look at my peers lately? yeah, I hadn't thought so...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So that last post didn't have a title.....damn

Ahahahah...naw, forget that, i just went and bombed a japanese final, I don't want to talk about finals....so instead, Cirque du Soleil! (My reasoning is GREAT. Shutup.)

I'm currently, actually at the same time I'm typing this, randomly doing a whole lot of research on all the Cirque shows on right now...(KAZOO...oh, wait, I mean KOOZA is in DC right now....there is not a snowman's chance in hell that i could get tickets for it. Awwww maaaan.) I went to see Varekai when it was in town a few years back, and let me tell you, it was freakin' amazing. If there's one thing you should go see sometime during your life, forget the Yankees, forget the Harlem Globetrotters, forget CATS (haha) or whatever the hell you think is so amazing that you will not have truly lived without seeing it live: GO AND SEE CIRQUE DU SOLEIL!!!
(well, someone's pleased with themselves...this is the Russian Swings in Varekai)
(and this is the WHEEL OF DEATH in KA)

I'm not shitting you. Cirque was probably one of the most awe-inspiring things I have EVER SEEN. It was beautiful, and stunning, and mind-blowing, and the music was ridiculously loud (you leave and suddenly realize that you seem to have had an axe smashed into your brain sometime during the show, but you didn't notice cause of the sheer awesomeness of Cirque...) and all of the performers are incredibly hot....I meant to type fit I swear (well...you can't really see most of their faces through all the face paint so actually...). Wait, fit? I meant COMPLETELY RIPPED. Which isn't really surprising considering what they're doing all day for your entertainment...

..And everything is ridiculously expensive, not even thinking about how much the tickets cost...

I got totally off topic. Here's what I was meaning to write about: Does anyone remember those shows they used to have on some channel...it was probably like, Discovery or Bravo or something (okay....those two aren't linked at all...uh...I'm not going to lie, I had no idea and went and looked it up on wikipedia...the show was on Bravo.) that were like, behind the scenes looks at the training and the people who actually perform Cirque? I miss them, they were awesome and my dad and I would spend hours just sitting there and watching them whenever they had a marathon...yeah...that's about all I've got.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I haven't gotten anything done today (I got out of bed at like...2:30. This is likely the reason behind my current situation of nothingness...). Maybe the problem is this: I have finals and therefore I don't have class to go to and break is coming up.

Hey, I'm all for winter break in theory, but in reality it becomes a black hole of despair and boredom, wherein nothing I wanted to do gets done and during which I prove to be nothing but a disappointment to my family (mainly cause they're just jealous that I sit around the house all day...which is something no one should ever be jealous of. Sitting around is not fun. You think it's going to be...but then you have to actually do it...and it's HORRIBLE!!!).

For me, it would be perfect and awesome if it could be like this:
  • Classes end and there're 2 weeks of finals...
  • Followed by like a week or 2 of break...
  • And then the 2nd semester starts.

But no, winter break is 5 weeks long. I guess it's just long enough for those of us who actually kinda enjoy learning and stuff to get to the point where we're about to loose our minds from boredom. Or maybe it seems like too long to me cause with finals I just end up sitting around for 2 weeks waiting for my exams to come around and it becomes more like 7 weeks off. (which is mind-killing)

Or maybe I'm just too lazy and if I actually got my act together, the time would fly by. Yeah, right.

So I guess it's not surprising to me that this is the time of year that the world's supposed to end. Ahahaha...yeah...oh god it's so cold outside.

Friday, December 5, 2008

When the world ends....I hope there'll be pie....

Yup. The title kinda sums this up. Okay, no, there's not really much to sum up...uh....what?

Right, so, when the end comes, will you be ready? I know I won't be. There's a lot of stuff I'll be pissed about not being able to do before the apocalypse comes, like...get married. I probably won't be married by 2012. If I am...holy shit that'd be crazy. (Do I even WANT to get married?...uh, maybe i should pick a different example....)

Fine, how about this: I won't reach old age. That'd suck. I wanna be some crazy old lady who owns a yarn store and teaches people how to knit and crochet and lends comic books to the kids in her neighborhood...cause, I don't think one of those exists yet and I WANT TO BE THE FIRST!! AHA! And I want to be able to have my children and their children over to my house and be like....weird and my husband will be used to it and everything will be nice (and rainbows, and butterflies....ahahah). This is one of the weirdest fantasies I think I've had to date, and I have some pretty weird daydreams....uh....

check this out:

Looks kinda dumb....I freakin' LOVE that thing at the very end with the "GOOGLE IT!!!" (well, that's basically what they tell you to do.) Oh, but when I was looking for this on youtube, I also stumbled upon this, which looks like an ENTIRELY different movie:

AHAHAH! WHAT?! The SHINING ONES!!! THEY WILL RETURN TO US!!!! I simply don't understand. "Coming (too) soon"??? You got that right. (Seriously, I know you don't want to watch a clip/trailer/anything-video-like that you find on a blog...that second vid is priceless.)

But there's one thing I know. If those aliens don't like pie, jeebus, leave me on Earth to die.
Oh, and yeah, that first trailer made it official, I have a serious problem when it comes to Buddhist monks... they're just too cute!!