Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Wow it's been a while....8 months? yeah....

Anyways, here's a good article I just read that is FULL of proof that people are stupid: if I was a Mayan and kept getting asked about the end of the world... I'd probably flip a shit. And if there are things indicating dates after December 21, 2012 that can be found in Mayan inscriptions... I guess the problem here is that people hear something they don't understand and don't get all of the information (if barely any at ALL) and just kinda go crazy from there.

Case in point:
The 13th Baktun of the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012.

The end of the Mayan calendar!



I am going to die.

This train of thought is vaguely... pathetic. I think I'm missing some steps but who cares.

And on that note... I wonder what kind of crazy shit will go down the week before this happens if there are people actually writing to religion institutes worried that they won't live to see their children grow up. I was going to make some crack about this and some possible comedic scenarios, until I realized how many people will probably kill themselves... possibly en mass... possibly taking their "fate into their own hands" and mercy killing their children.

Oh my god.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to the ORIGINAL INTENTION!!! (and then some)

Right. Back to the End of the World. (I got a little side-tracked...)

For Christmas, I was given this book:Yay. How exciting.

...I've read the intro and the first article.
Woah! don't get me wrong, it's very interesting...I just don't have the attention span for this shit right now.

The first article is "Choice Point 2012: Our Date with the Window of Emergence" by Gregg Braden. He talks about the Mayan Calendar....and the Earth's Magnetism. Okay, seriously? The part about a magnetic polar reversal and the importance of magnetism's influence on human actions and mindset is AWESOME. It's a very well argued case (it kinda actually makes sense....shocking, I know).

The second article...(yeah, actually I read 2 articles...I forgot...it's been a while....) is "A Singularity in Time" by Peter Russell, which obviously deals with singularity. And Russell mentions Ray Kurzweil by name....and HE is a COMPLETE nut. I actually have to read The Age of Spiritual Machines for class this semester...oh gosh... anyways...Singularity is the idea that things are speeding up, like, technological advances (how computing power doubles every 18 months or so) you know what? I don't feel like trying to explain Singularity right now...go look it up if you want to know. This article is interesting too...it's just...less inspiring than Braden's essay.

I looked them up and both of these guys are weirdos...with bad websites (ugly) and bad hair...at least Russell seems to cut his though...and it doesn't extend like 6 inches from his head....

Okay, I'm done being mean...hmmm.....what else can I say?


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Skim A Little Off the Top

So... to honor (and by honor I mean forget) about the fact that I went back to school today (despite the fact that I've been waiting for it to start so that I could actually have something to do) I'll reminisce. About being like....6.

I'm sure everyone has KEY-EPISODES: those episodes that define a show, or that you think of when you think of a show. Episodes that you remember that epitomize whatever show. Well, I have these at least. Like whenever I think of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood I think of the crayon factory one.

However, there is no crayon factory episode. It's a Sesame Street segment:

And this makes me sad. Very sad. And leads me to wonder about the validity of my childhood. How do I know it really happened?! Noooo! What if my childhood memories aren't real!? Like when I saw the Easter Bunny in my room that one year...

Right. So...For Reading Rainbow I always think of the Milk episode:
...right, so I can't find a video...wonderful. Well, the episode title is "The Milk Makers" and they visited a farm, learned how to milk a cow by hand....showed a modern day milking barn, and then took a tour of a cheese processing factory. It's awesome. I love it. Here's the original RR theme for you instead:


I miss the tv shows from my childhood. Kids programming sucks now. It makes me sad.

(The post title comes from the cheese-making part of that episode....when I couldn't find a clip I couldn't bring myself to change the title.)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's take a spinning class....oh you meant...riiiight....

So I just found out what people mean when they tell you to signup for a spinning class. See, I'm pretty crafty, so when I hear this I think spinning as in making yarn or thread with a spindle and a spinning wheel. You know, like Sleeping Beauty and stuff (no you stupid bitch! don't!!!)

Apparently no. That's not spinning. Spinning is riding one of those exercise bikes with a big group of people
(why is the image of the road behind them? how is that motivational?)

....somehow, I find this lacking. A LOT. I'm waiting for the day when someone I know wants to take one with me (with my peeps....unlikely) so I can sign us up for...not what they're expecting. It would be amazingly funny. To me at least.