Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Skim A Little Off the Top

So... to honor (and by honor I mean forget) about the fact that I went back to school today (despite the fact that I've been waiting for it to start so that I could actually have something to do) I'll reminisce. About being like....6.

I'm sure everyone has KEY-EPISODES: those episodes that define a show, or that you think of when you think of a show. Episodes that you remember that epitomize whatever show. Well, I have these at least. Like whenever I think of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood I think of the crayon factory one.

However, there is no crayon factory episode. It's a Sesame Street segment:

And this makes me sad. Very sad. And leads me to wonder about the validity of my childhood. How do I know it really happened?! Noooo! What if my childhood memories aren't real!? Like when I saw the Easter Bunny in my room that one year...

Right. So...For Reading Rainbow I always think of the Milk episode:
...right, so I can't find a video...wonderful. Well, the episode title is "The Milk Makers" and they visited a farm, learned how to milk a cow by hand....showed a modern day milking barn, and then took a tour of a cheese processing factory. It's awesome. I love it. Here's the original RR theme for you instead:


I miss the tv shows from my childhood. Kids programming sucks now. It makes me sad.

(The post title comes from the cheese-making part of that episode....when I couldn't find a clip I couldn't bring myself to change the title.)

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