Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back to the ORIGINAL INTENTION!!! (and then some)

Right. Back to the End of the World. (I got a little side-tracked...)

For Christmas, I was given this book:Yay. How exciting.

...I've read the intro and the first article.
Woah! don't get me wrong, it's very interesting...I just don't have the attention span for this shit right now.

The first article is "Choice Point 2012: Our Date with the Window of Emergence" by Gregg Braden. He talks about the Mayan Calendar....and the Earth's Magnetism. Okay, seriously? The part about a magnetic polar reversal and the importance of magnetism's influence on human actions and mindset is AWESOME. It's a very well argued case (it kinda actually makes sense....shocking, I know).

The second article...(yeah, actually I read 2 articles...I's been a while....) is "A Singularity in Time" by Peter Russell, which obviously deals with singularity. And Russell mentions Ray Kurzweil by name....and HE is a COMPLETE nut. I actually have to read The Age of Spiritual Machines for class this semester...oh gosh... anyways...Singularity is the idea that things are speeding up, like, technological advances (how computing power doubles every 18 months or so) you know what? I don't feel like trying to explain Singularity right now...go look it up if you want to know. This article is interesting's just...less inspiring than Braden's essay.

I looked them up and both of these guys are weirdos...with bad websites (ugly) and bad least Russell seems to cut his though...and it doesn't extend like 6 inches from his head....

Okay, I'm done being mean...hmmm.....what else can I say?