Thursday, January 15, 2009

Let's take a spinning class....oh you meant...riiiight....

So I just found out what people mean when they tell you to signup for a spinning class. See, I'm pretty crafty, so when I hear this I think spinning as in making yarn or thread with a spindle and a spinning wheel. You know, like Sleeping Beauty and stuff (no you stupid bitch! don't!!!)

Apparently no. That's not spinning. Spinning is riding one of those exercise bikes with a big group of people
(why is the image of the road behind them? how is that motivational?)

....somehow, I find this lacking. A LOT. I'm waiting for the day when someone I know wants to take one with me (with my peeps....unlikely) so I can sign us up for...not what they're expecting. It would be amazingly funny. To me at least.

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